Meet The Staff

The Bates

The Kanes

The Jurrens

Since 1999

Since 2016

Since 2018

Johnnie and Becky Bates
Kayleigh, Luke, Aubrey, and Emma
Originally from Aiken, South Carolina
Celebrating their 20th summer!
Adam and Billie Kane
(Schyler), Alex, Ethan, and Evan
Originally from Daleville, Indiana
Former summer staffers!
Seth and Annie Jurrens
Theo and Maggie
Originally from Minnesota
Happy and helpful!
Johnnie originally came to camp on Summer Staff.  Over the years he has filled many roles and has been the Executive Director since 2010.  Johnnie can fix anything and enjoys working in the shop.  You can often find him in the boat or in the bush taking his kids out for an adventure.  Johnnie is a graduate of Trinity Baptist College.  You can reach him at [email protected]
Johnnie Bates
Executive Director
Becky Bates
Becky oversees the camp's finances and books.  During the summer you'll find her in the kitchen cooking, creating schedules and menus, or in the office completing camp's purchasing. She loves to interact with campers and staff and is always ready with ideas for how to connect.  Becky teaches her kids at home and is very involved with their ice skating club.  She loves spending time with her extended family whenever possible.
Bookkeeper and Kitchen Admin
Adam Kane
Adam spent nearly 20 years as an elementary school teacher before making the jump to camp.  As the Program Director Adam oversees the summer camp weeks as well as activities through the rest of the year.  He enjoys watching the Star Wars movies with his boys.  Adam is a graduate of Cedarville University and Indiana Wesleyan University.  Contact him at [email protected]
Program Director
Billie Kane
Billie always wanted to run a candy store, and now she does!  In addition to making many of the desserts everyone loves at camp, she gets to know guests as they visit the Tuck shop.  In the summer Billie also assists during afternoon swim time as a lifeguard.  She is nearing the end of homeschooling the Kane boys.  For fun she likes to play games of all kinds and usually wins.  
Baker and Tuck
Seth Jurrens
Seth joined the Air Force soon after high school and spent four years doing active duty and four years in the reserves. He worked for six years in IT before being called to serve at COTW. Seth has taken on the role of head cook in the kitchen, and Summer Staff Coordinator. He helps with camp maintenance, Wilderness Bible Club, and shares the responsibility of raising their small children. He enjoys experimenting in the kitchen at home!
Camp Staff
Annie Jurrens
Annie first came to COTW as a mission camper when she was 14. When she isn’t wrangling her small children, she assists in the office with creating newsletters, compiling procedures, enhancing staff training materials, as well as other administrative tasks. She is also a Summer Staff Coordinator. Annie has a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota in Special Education. She loves curling up with a good book! Contact her at [email protected]
Camp Staff
Bekah Lewis
Bekah came to camp right after high school to be a part of our Next Step Internship.  She spends time helping with various tasks from loading wood stoves to leading games.  Bekah is also helping the Keres family, new missionaries in Northwest Ontario.  She has joined the youth ministry leadership team of a local church and helps organize and lead events, activities, and teaching.  Bekah loves the Green Bay Packers and isn't afraid to let everyone know it.
Ministry Intern
Isaac Gray
Isaac came to camp with several ministry experiences already under his belt.  Midway through his time at Indiana Wesleyan University, he spent a gap year in the U.K. with World Horizons before returning to uni and completing a double major in Sports Ministry and Intercultural Studies.  At camp he leads lots of games and activities in the summer and at Wilderness Bible Clubs.  Isaac has an intense love of sports (especially rugby), board games, and (groan) puns.
Ministry Intern