Community Involvement
Engaging with our local communties
Building relationships
Throughout the year there are various community events and opportunities for Camp of the Woods to build meaningful relationships with the families in our area.  We love to attend and build on the relationships established over the years.  We want to be an important part of the communities in Northwest Ontario!
  1. Pelican Falls First Nations High School
    Pelican Falls First Nations High School
    Pelican Falls services students from all across the North. We attend several events each year.
  2. Blueberry Festival
    Blueberry Festival
    Blueberry Festival is an annual celebration in Sioux Lookout in August.
  3. Trade Show
    Trade Show
    When we visit the trade shows in Dryden and Sioux Lookout we see and talk to tons of campers and parents.
  4. Missionfest
    Missionfest Manitoba is a gathering of Christians who desire to see the world reached with the gospel
  5. Festival of Carols
    Festival of Carols
    A community Christmas concert held in Sioux Lookout
  6. Celebrate Community
    Celebrate Community
    An outreach in Sioux Lookout to draw people together for food, fun, and fellowship